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What is included in this package?

Take The Next Step.

This package is designed to take your small business to the next level.

Designed To Boost Your Business.

Our digital marketing BOOST package will improve visibility, credibility and reputation. We will develop and implement, SEO, Digital Advertising, Search Engine Marketing, and Social Media.🚀 All designed to Boost your business.

Stimulate Your Sales & Increase Your Business

This BOOST strategy will stimulate your sales and increase your business monthly income potential, Guaranteed.


Search Engine Marketing

Organic search engine marketing is vital to the digital portfolio of every business.

Using Google Business and Bing Places to it's full potential is an absolute must.

Optimizing Google Business and Bing places

We will ensure that your business is 100% optimized on these channels. There are actually 4 channels between Google and Bing. You need consider maps as separate channels.

In addition to being 100% optimized, integrated and visible, we also ensure that new content is added on a weekly basis.


Digital Advertising

We specialize in digital advertising and we will get your business trending in the right direction, with a positive return on advertising spend.

Driving Traffic

Your new high serving website/landing page, which is locked and loaded and ready to fill your funnels, now require one thing....TRAFFIC.

We will use Google, Bing, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram advertising to drive traffic to your website/landing page and convert this traffic into business!



There are many levels to SEO, and depending on which type of SEO you are implementing and how much of it, determines the cost of SEO.

At Blink Digital Consulting, we believe every digital marketing strategy, must have SEO embedded into it.

SEO Foundations

We therefore included SEO foundations campaign into strategy. This campaign ensures that everything that is required on a foundational level for SEO is implemented and integrated with your digital marketing.


Social Media

The complete the small business accelerator strategy we have to add social media marketing.

We will develop a distribution strategy tailor-made for you business.

We will develop 40X evergreen creative tiles.

We will also give you access to our social media scheduling tool (free for 6 months)

The organic approach

Organic marketing efforts on social media channels and search engine channels, is vital to any business digital marketing strategy.

We will develop an organic strategy for your business.


One Time Payment

This is a One Time Payment (The strategy is rolled out over a period of 3 months and once completed we will evaluate everything we did, we also provide monthly reporting on all our services.)

All Costs Included.

All costs are included in this strategy. This includes digital advertising spend and SEO campaign buying spend. (No hidden costs or additional costs outside of the cost of the package.)

Blink Digital Consulting

Our Focus is on helping businesses THRIVE, through, lead generation and search engine ranking.

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